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Christmas in the Stable

It's Christmas time! I am so excited for Kid City and their debut of "Christmas in a Stable!" It is an original and written just for them. Below you will find the script and the YouTube videos of each song. Please help them with their lines and memorization. We have been practicing in Kid City every Sunday. So make sure they are there to learn/practice their parts! Can't wait!

This play is for Kid City and even the Littles have a part in this!!



Saturday, Dec. 11th @ 2:00pm

Dress Rehearsal/Practice - Costumes Ready

You can drop your kiddos off that day and pick them back up at 3:30pm


Sunday, Dec. 12th @ 10:30am

"Christmas in the Stable"

They need to be at church at 10am to have their costumes ready.



Everyone has a part in this! Some have speaking, solos or acting to a song. Every part is special! If your child does not have a specific speaking part they can dress in these costumes:  any stable animal they choose, angel, wise men, shepherd. Most of them have already picked something!



Wise Men, Mary, Angels & Shepherds


I have their Costumes already!




Christmasy Dress 

Stable Animals

These you will have to make or buy. Amazon has some pretty cute costumes. If you need help let us know! 

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