We believe that the power of our church is in the power of our prayer. We are so excited to be jumping in to 21 Days of Prayer. Join the journey by SUBSCRIBING to our email list for daily encouragement and devotionals. 
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To those that join us in our 21 Days,

Since the beginning of Life City, we have set our hearts to be a people of prayer. Our rally cry has simply been, “Pray First.” In every situation, whether good or bad, we try to pray before we act. Prayer should be our first response, not our last resort.

Understanding the necessity of prayer is not enough. In order for it to become a part of our life, it needs to become something we look forward to doing. That’s where 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting can help. These next few weeks are designed to bring joy into your time with God. When you discover the beauty of daily conversation with Him, you’ll experience the presence of God that will change your life.


Make prayer a part of your everyday life. Why? Because...
Prayer changes everything!


Pastor Tim Dunn






Join us from January 6th - 26th as we spend time in prayer and align our hearts with God.


PRAYER SERVICES: January 11th, 18th, & 25th @ 6pm-7pm at Life City.







Whether you decide to give up a certain type of food or take a break from social media, this form of self-denial, when used to focus on prayer, will align your heart with the heart of God.







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Below we have provided a few examples of ways you can fast with us:
  • Liquid Fast - Give up solid foods

  • Daniel Fast - Fruits and vegetables only

  • Media Fast - Give up media

  • 7 Day Fast - Fast with us for 7 days

  • Lunch Fast - Fast with us over lunch each day

  • Wednesday Fast - Fast with us on Wednesdays

  • Create Your Own Fast


1807 Clear Lake Rd

Weatherford, TX 76086

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